Monday, April 29, 2013

Extraordinary Aliens, Month of Performance Art- Berlin 2013

May 31st 9pm, Osho Active Meditation Centre, 38 Schlesische Strasse, 2nd Courtyard Mühlengebaude 1st Floor, 10997 Berlin.
June 1st 8pm, Tanzfabrik, Möckernstraße 68, 10965 Berlin

Created as part of the Month of Performance Art Berlin 2013 this work explores cultural, physical and emotional 'outsiderness' and cultural inclusivity in a cross-disciplinary performance art, dance and video piece spanning Europe, America and New Zealand. It questions the elitism of power structures deeply embedded within our global and communal society in relation to the identity and economic exchanges between bodies and cultures. It works toward empowerment and expression through a filmic and theatrical dance competition of forms and hangs off a duet between a man and woman in a metaphorical facing of the other/self as cultural border.

The title refers to the O1 artist visa for America called "Extraordinary Ability" and the title for a foreign resident as an 'Alien'. 

Influenced by Zizek's cultural theories and Wolfgang Suetlz's Transart Institute lecture on Cultural Translation, as well as personal cross-cultural friendships and relationships, moving between borders, it is a reflection upon relationship to community, self, body, institutions, cultural identities using a series of activist gestures, exchanges and transformations to explore questions of belonging, cultural outsiderness, inclusivity & connection. It questions the current economic investments within a 'globalised' milieu in allowing the other in and keeping the other out. 

Live Performers: Dave Hall, Alexa Wilson (cameo Teresa Peters) and music by NZ/American born Chinese artist Lucy Beeler/Lttlephnx. Many performers appear on the screen from across the world eg Karin Hofko, Samin Son, Christie Orr, Tallulah Holly-Massey, Lucy Beeler, Matthew Ward, Lydia Bittner-Baird, Alexa Wilson, Brian Sweeny.

Photos by Paula Billups and promotion image by Daniela Gast.

Photos from Month of Performance Berlin Marathon at Acud Gallery.

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