Friday, September 2, 2011

Rainbow Warrior
A) The Title of your work: Rainbow Warrior
B) List of credits: Choreographer: Alexa Wilson, Performers: Alexa Wilson, Georgie Goater, Lydia Zanetti, Natalie Clark, Megan Smith, Karin Hofko
C) Any notes about the work: Love Me even if I'm wrecked and flawed in history. Love Me even if you can't understand or hear me in expression. I am resurrecting, birthing peace/protest bombed and sunken. Laugh with me. I am human. How many languages does it take? Rainbow warrior; growing pains. Love transcends all language/barriers. Love is political. Love in all its colours is inexpressible in words.

This work was performed in the final Live Series 2011- 'Love Me' at Galatos.

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