Saturday, September 10, 2011

Millionaire PM: A Political Performance/Art Series # 1

22 September · 20:00 - 23:00
Golden Dawn- Cnr Ponsonby Rd and Richmond Rd

This political event series spans across different art forms during the months of the Rugby World Cup through to the NZ Elections at Central Auckland's Golden Dawn.

'what is really happening in our world right now?'.. even more locally 'what is really happening in our country'.. ? Who can say... ?

How do we say it? With unity and diversity as community. This event was open to anyone interested in participating and aims to be to a range of creative voices.

We have created a trilogy running across 3 months one thursday a month, which may or may not be enjoyable and subversive in a social space (GD) which intersects with the general public at this momentous and glorious political time- while giving voice to a local arts scene which is interested in creatively expressing/conceptualising/sharing what is happening around us.

Its $5 - Keeping it real.. ;

Artists in September's line up are....

Addison Course
Brydee Rood
Karin Hofko
Alexa Wilson & Mike Holland
Kristian Larsen & Jeremy Randerson
Jessie McCall, Caleb Wright & Tim McPoland
James Wylie
Francesca Gallo
Mark Rickerby
Matthew Moore
Briar March
Gem Indigo
djs Caroline Ward and Tobi

20th October's event is likely to be a documentary film screening advertised separately.. INSIDE JOB (Inside the financial crisis)

17th November's performance/art event (week before Elections) will be advertised in November and likely to be bigger ;

Series produced by Alexa Wilson with the support of Natalie Clark

Reflective writing:

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