Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Solo for MA SODA Berlin+FUNdraiser NZ Gundry St: 'Gondwana loves Eurasia': Performed Ufer Studios Berlin 2010

Created as a mapping of social cultural liminality and a tourist video/performance of NZ and Berlin which resonates a greater fear in the world at large about the state of planet earth .. I layered 'handheld tourist video' style footage of spaces in Berlin and NZ which resonate for me personally/politically- with a somatic exploration of the embodiment of a bubbling and uncontained fear and anger at the denial of environmental degradation facing us- more in Europe than in NZ. I layered this also with my personal experience of and connection to Germany as an NZer- and its sexual politics paralleling that of the treatment of planet earth- with the death of my grandmother while i was in Berlin as a healing ode to ww2 and the destruction that this similar denial reeked in the form of the holocaust-- and my sensitivity to the Berlin past- haunts- as a performance artist from NZ, as well as of course a farewell to my Nana - a 'death dance'- a celebration healing the past and its residue now (also in my genetic body).

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