Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Star/Oracle: Berlin, Brussels, Poland, New Zealand 2014

Tempo Festival, Auckland 2014
 Artspace, Auckland NZ

Volksroom, Brussels

Plac wolnosci, Poznan Poland, Place of Freedom
Poznan Design Days, Poland, 2014

The first part of this work explores satirical and embodied notions of the Star (card), which is about inspiration and guidance, mutated into a range of psychopathic and schizophrenic modern identities. Utilising an idiosyncratic movement style, props and actions it satirises aspects of current media culture's warped relationship to the environment and paves the way for the next section or piece which is also Oracle based. 

This work invites the audience to ask questions for the ‘Oracle’ to answer in radical (healing) symbolic actions, administered to the audience or 
performed by the soloist using objects, actions 
and words. The focus is upon encouraging the audience to ask QUESTIONS of themselves, their environment, culture/s and together co-creating a meaning as to what is happening around them in today's world through responses collectively constructed and administered within the work by the performer.

The work/s are satirical and earnest, embodying a range of physical weathers, televised and archetypal identities historically and currently, deconstructing notions of collective power and a panic trying to keep itself under control through superficial means – presented in formal strategies, which are completely fraying.

This work has been performed internationally at; Leonhardhi Kulturprojekte, Frankfurt (2012); Ada Studio, Berlin (2012); Center for Performance Research, NYC (2013); G30 Gallery & Reh Kunst Gallery, Berlin (2013); Sophiensaele for 100 Grad Festival Berlin, Brussels Volksroom, Poznan Design Festival, Poland, to be performed Art Space Gallery Auckland, Tempo Dance Festival, Auckland, Body Festival and Physics Room, Christchurch NZ, 2014.


Artspace Auckland  http://artspace.org.nz/doclibrary/public/publications/File5_Artspace_Crtiicaltext.pdf

Auckland and Christchurch



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