Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Star/Oracle of Delphi : Center for Performance Research Spring Movement Season New York City & G30 Gallery Berlin

Performed at G30, 30 Grimmstrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin 30th May, 2013 as part of MPA Berlin.
Photos by Arielle Bier© and Uli Seibert

May 4 2013, 8pm
Center for Performance Research (CPR)
361 Manhattan Avenue
Unit 1
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Telephone: 718.349.1210

The work ‘The Star’ explores satirical and embodied notions using ‘psychomagic’ (Jodorowsky) of the tarot card of the Star, interweaving a response to today’s problematic relationship of humans to the environment and our ‘needs’ to be a ‘Star’ within a warped media culture, which overlooks a greater respect slightly more pressing. Moving into ‘Oracle of Delphi’ in a 2 for 1 deal, this work invites the audience to ask questions for the ‘Oracle’ to answer in Psychomagic actions, administered to the audience or performed by the soloist- using objects, actions and words intuitively. The work/s are satirical, embodying a range of physical weathers mixed with televised identities on the Earth right now, a panic trying to keep itself under control – presented in formal strategies which are fraying. The focus is upon encouraging the audience to ask QUESTIONS of themselves, their environment, their culture and together discover a meaning in what is happening around them in today's world through the responses collectively constructed and administered within the work. 

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