Friday, June 1, 2012

Acceptance to Transart Institute MFA programme NY/Berlin 2012 CNZ funded

What is sacred in contemporary society? Which visa do I apply for? No US school code for F1 visa, no one materialises from the south pacific, hmm i wonder why. Visa waiver Programme not allowed to 'study' on, but B1/B2 visa recommended says not allowed to study either unless a short course in pottery eg less than 18 hours per week. How on earth does one attend the residencies legally? Accepted, tick, funded, tick, yet how does one enter the US? Experience one in the step toward answering: what is sacred in contemporary society? Me, my body, bureaucracy, the sacred body, funding body, body of text, ritualised, law. sankrit, modernity. does anyone use these terms? what are my terms and conditions for being an artist in this world? internationally... let me pass :: Free trade, so why not free borders? Haha! I am not studying at all because the school is not recognised as accredited in the US, but it is accredited through the University of Plymouth UK, I am not studying in the US at all. I am on the VWP tourist visa! Turning walls into doors as norse magic persists and 'international' into an asset not an obstacle. As a NZ/Australian citizen I am entitled also to 6 months in Britain visa-less. But a business visa would entitle me to a 10 year multi entry visa in which i can be in the US for 6 months every year. Both could be a good options ; Twisting the truth aka lying is what this contemporary society encourages within the sacred world of bureaucracy. These structures do not seem to accomodate truth, yet if lying is truth in the modern world, is lying sacred? the sacred truth. sanskrit, written on the body of identity in barcoodes interpreting the contemporary world. lucky i am no terrorist, just dance terror wrist twisted truth blisted sooth. I am not a threat. ; Entering NYC on my birthday in November pre-US elections to reside for the end of the mayan calender 2012 this is research.


Unknown said...

Makasih mas...
Mudah2an cepat ramping alexa saya

Alexa Wilson said...

Thanks Anita, google translate detected Malay.. :)