Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Show Pony

New Performance Festival in association with the Edge presents...
Show Pony
Collaboration between Alexa Wilson and Nisha Madhan
24/25th February, 6.30pm
$25/$20 conc
Lower NZI 3, Aotea Centre

Reviews by Christina Houghton
Nik Smythe

Show Pony conceptually is a satirical look at the world of Talk show television, celebrity ‘cult’ culture, and public therapy through the lens of avant-guarde performance and how these worlds collide. It is a self-referential play on our own public roles within performance in NZ- Nisha Madhan as former Shortland Street favourite ‘Shanti’ and Alexa Wilson as a multi award-winning experimental choreographer.

The audience will be treated to a live talk show where the roles of talk show host and guest, client and therapist are continuously swapping. The aim is to reveal or subvert the artiface of performance, celebrity, real life, public persona, public therapy and high art. It also references a culture of mediated narcissicism in which fame, social popularity and winning are revered above all else.

Consciously playing the line of real life experience and contrived public persona we aim to take a light hearted approach using self-effacing egotism to open up a world of institutionalised media deception.

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