Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Polar Pop: Berlin Perfomance: Part of Guerilla Spring Salon: Freudenreich, Neukölln

This work is the very fledgling stage of physical explorations around simultaneously evolving and devolving as an amorphous species, which is human/animal. like regressing to infancy whilst withering in age, facades melting like icebergs, habitats disintegrating, values shifting. who are we? like a newborn animal/human learning to crawl, fragile, tenuous - fighting for its existence in a harsh environment to grow/evolve- maybe shedding dysfunctionality on the way- mixed with endangered animal on the brink of its existence struggling to survive/adapt and question marks carved on the dawning of a new age. is consciousness evolving? so we grow anyway, towards a new ideal emerging- ‘growing together’ in a ritualistic birthing away from a self-centred, individualistic, hierarchical paradigm- towards a progressive, supportive, collaborative, evolved model of social existence based on sharing expression and caring for each other whilst honouring the planet- as families of animals do- as they must do for their very survival. we have a lot to learn yet in our d/evolvement.

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