Monday, July 7, 2008

The Megaphone: Short film made at UoA

The Megaphone, 2007, Short film, 14mins, made as part of an MA in Film Production. A romance comedy/satire about a young female activist for global warming who has her megaphone stolen being stuck in a lift with a psychotherapist and how they change each other's lives in those brief minutes. Meanwhile a rapper has been using her megaphone in the streets as a microphone and the 3 of them meet in a party which leads the protagonists to 'letting go' (of cars, or megaphones) as the political/psychological for solution/meeting point for the world's problems.

Starring Eve Gordon, Solomon Holly-Massey. Written and Directed by Alexa Wilson, DOP by Kelly Moynihan and Jeffrey Holdaway, Art Direction and Editing by Alexa Wilson


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